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AMAC subscribes to Advanced Safety Systems Australia’s Workplace Practices Manual and has implemented the WP&S policies, systems and procedures across AMAC’s business. These are designed to give our customers confidence that they receive safe and reliable equipment and minimise risks to their projects, such as project downtime.
We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment for all parties, on and off the site. AMAC, like many of our customers aim for zero harm and engender that philosophy through AMAC attitudes and behaviours with a view to eliminating or minimising hazards and injuries in the workplace.

We operate according to specific rules of safety to protect staff and clients:
• Safety is everybody’s business –clients, employees, contractors and visitors
• We keep lines of communications open on safety issues
• We are committed to training and development for all employees
• We always follow an equipment status tagging procedure
• We never work at heights without fall protection
• We always complete and document prestart inspections
• We never enter an electrical exclusion zone unless authorised to do so by an Electrical
• We never position ourselves under a suspended load.
We further ensure safety with the following requirements :
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance including long sleeve shirt in high visibility
colour, steel capped footwear, long trousers or knee length shorts, broad brimmed sun hat,
tinted safety eyewear, sunscreen SPF 30+.
• Reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses so that within 12 hours of incident,
corrective actions and communicated to contract administrator, and hazards immediately
• All electrical equipment is wired and manufactured to Australian Standards and conform to
provisions of the Queensland Electricity Safety Act and Regulations 2002
• Lifting chains are tagged and stored in accordance with Australian Standard 2321

Environmental statement
AMAC is aware of the impacts our services may have on the environment and take actions to minimise environmental risks. We adhere to a hazardous substances policy and use material safety data sheets to ensure that all substances, which may endanger the environment and health of employees, are correctly managed or removed from use. In the event of a spill, spill kits are located in all cranes. Environmental incidents are reported and investigated.